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Delivering business value through technology for over twenty-five years

We provide Project management, technology consulting and operational process services across multiple industry sectors.


We provide an array of digital services to enhance your online presence and engagement. These services include website and mobile app development, design (UX and UI), search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media management. Using our expertise, I can boost your online presence, increase search visibility, attract targeted traffic, and help you engage effectively with your audience on social platforms.

IT Strategy

When designing a robust digital strategy, We take a strategic approach. This approach includes a comprehensive plan that uses technology effectively, aligns with your personal objectives, and assures a cohesive, future-proof digital roadmap. With our guidance, you can make informed decisions that spur innovation, boost efficiency, and promote sustainable growth in the ever-changing digital environment.

Business Workflow Automation

By harnessing the power of AI, CRM, ERP, and Business Process Automation, we provide advanced solutions to simplify your business workflows. Our services involve automating repetitive tasks, streamlining data management, and integrating advanced technologies. By adopting these solutions, you can increase efficiency, lower operational costs, and boost productivity.

Audit and Recovery

We provide a comprehensive and independent digital audit service, aimed at assessing your digital environment meticulously. Each review is accompanied by beneficial recommendations for improvements.

The audit can also focus on the key aspects of your existing IT setup, including Backup, Cybersecurity, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.

Broadcast and streaming

Our skills extend across various fields, ready to elevate your broadcasting and audio/visual endeavours. We offer services in broadcast studios, outside broadcasting, digital streaming, digital signage, video conferencing, and general audio/visual technologies. From optimising studio setups to enhancing streaming capabilities, from implementing digital signage solutions to delivering seamless video conferencing experiences.

General IT

Our IT services span across several areas, aiming to secure and streamline your technology operations in support of your core objectives. These services incorporate Microsoft 365 and Azure, networking, cybersecurity, telecoms, Windows and Mac support, and hosting solutions. With my assistance, you can navigate the IT landscape with confidence, using technology to drive your ventures forward.

Just a few of the brands I have worked with over the years.  The focus today is on startups and small to medium-sized companies.

We offer a variety of collaborative approaches. Since the dawn of the internet, we’ve contributed to a wide array of technology projects globally.
Our team combines robust problem-solving skills with extensive generalist experience.
We understand commercial business requirements and are committed to delivering your project on time and within budget.


As a boutique firm, Wychwood boasts a unique approach to consulting. We form strategic partnerships with an extensive network, enabling us to provide bespoke solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our consulting services span across a wide array of specialties, encompassing everything from digital enhancement and workflow automation to IT strategy planning and beyond. Each service is delivered with the objective of optimizing your operations, fostering innovation, and driving your business towards its strategic goals.

End to End Delivery

At Wychwood, our dedication goes beyond mere consulting. We commit to overseeing your technology projects from their inception, during initial brainstorming sessions, all the way through to the final handover. Our comprehensive project management service encapsulates a plethora of capabilities. We cover everything from app development and UX/UI design to SEO and PPC strategies. This all-encompassing approach ensures that every step of the process aligns perfectly with your objectives, ultimately delivering a product that exceeds your expectations while remaining on time and within budget.

International Expansion

Having been the “first person” on the ground to launch operations in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok), New York, and Spain, I’ve assisted both UK and international companies in setting up new or expanding ventures. This included sourcing offices, setting up technical infrastructure, streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, handling legal and accounting aspects, recruiting employees, and finding suitable partners and other resources. My hands-on approach in these key areas ensures a smooth transition into new markets, fulfilling the specific needs of each business.

Crisis Management

Over the course of 25 years, I have resolved various types of business continuity events, including website downtime and scaling issues, office floods, cyberattacks, and equipment failure. My experience in the broadcast TV industry, where downtime and continuity are critical, has equipped me with a range of skills and a network of people to rely on when needed.

If your technology project encounters challenges or your business experiences a continuity event such as a cyberattack or IT downtime, our audit and recovery services are ready to assist. We can provide an impartial evaluation and recommend an actionable recovery plan.

To request our services, please email with the subject line “Crisis” and an overview of the issue. We will respond to your email promptly.

Fractional CTO / CIO / Project Director

Small businesses often require strategic technological guidance but might not need, or afford, a full-time commitment. To cater to this need, we offer specialized services in the form of fractional CTO/CIO/Project Director roles. Our expertise extends beyond just the title — we become an integral part of your strategic thinking. We bring knowledge in areas such as IT strategy development, audit and compliance, managing and mentoring internal IT teams, and exploring offshore options for your company. Additionally, we handle RFP procurement processes with diligence and efficiency, leveraging our experience to ensure you get the best possible terms.

Project Management

As a qualified Prince2 Practitioner, Wychwood provides pivotal project management services, allowing you to delegate this aspect while tapping into our broad technology delivery expertise. We adeptly guide projects from initiation to completion, adjusting to use waterfall or agile methodologies as needed. We use cutting-edge cloud tools to facilitate collaboration, offer dashboard reporting, and share risk assessments, ensuring stakeholders stay informed.

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